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Mini Pigs & Goats

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Live in or Staying near Prince Edward County?

Join Us at Heal With Horses in Hillier, Ontario
for some fun & soothing activities this summer!

Kids &            Playdates


Our playdates were created to provide a family-oriented activity that includes the littlest members.


You will have 1 hour to spend with our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Goat Kids, Mini Pigs, Mini Piglets, and Chickens.


This is your time to play with, feed, and snuggle the herd.

All Ages are Welcome, Parents Must Accompany Children

Goat Yoga With


The class is approximately 50 minutes in length. You will be joined by goats, goat kids, pigs, piglets, cats and surrounded by horses, a miniature donkey, and other farm life. We will go through a gentle Yoga flow while taking breaks in between to pet and play with the animals. You can work as hard or as gently as you choose, we just ask you respect the opening and closing of the class

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which will be explained on the day of. This class is full of giggles and squeals of joy, and you are always welcome to pet an animal at any point during the class. After the Yoga class, we welcome you to visit more with the animals inside the Yoga space. Back scratchers will also be provided to use with the pigs, and trust us, you want to see those little piggies flop for a belly rub! It is the cutest sight to see! This is also your time to ask us as many questions as you would like, collect your gift bag, and also check out our selection of products to commemorate your experience with.