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Need Piggie Support?
Natural & Non-GMO Pig Pellets?
Pig Harnesses? 
Boarding Availability? 
Additional Care Questions?

We offer that & much more!

Even if your pig was born elsewhere, we are here for you & your piggie with anything you may need!
Are you interested in painting with pigs?
How about receiving or giving love & scratches?
or just being around animals in general?

Then a farm visit sounds just right for you & your family! 

Featuring Elliott, the Therapy-Pig in training, providing love wherever he goes!
Not Sure About Pigs?
American Minature Pigs are unique animals that require lifetime commitments and research in order for proper care & maximum love! 

We are always here to answer yo
ur questions! 

Contact us today to learn more about mini-pigs!
More About Pigs
Did You Know?

Our herd of American-Miniature Pigs & Nigerian Dwarf Goats live in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada .

The owner of Hogs & Kisses, Suzanne Latchford, is also the founder of the Registered Canadian charity focused on improving mental & physical wellness through animals and nature!

On the daily, our animals participate in individual & group activities at Heal with Horses Therapeutic Centre!
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