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As of January 2024, we do not have any current litters available for adoption. 
If you are still interested in a spring 2024 litter, please fill out an application.
 We are still available for any piggie-related needs and our farm is still open for visitation -contact us to book!  

Mini Piglet Adoption Application

We ask that you take the time to fill out our pet piglet application with as much detail as possible.  We will be in touch within a day.

I Am Over 18 Years of Age
Do you live in a house or apartment?
Is there a backyard fenced for a pig?
Do your city bylaws allow pet pigs?
Not all veterinarian care for pigs. Have you located a vet that is willing to treat your pet pig?
Are you (and anyone caring for your pig) prepared to be diligent and consistent with training and "parenting" of your mini pig?
The lifespan of a mini pig is approximately 12 - 18 years. Are you prepared to love and care for your pig for this duration of time?
Thanks for submitting!
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