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Need Some Food or Merch for Your Pig?

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At Hogs & Kisses we take pride in the quality of pig food pellets and pig products we create.

Hogs & Kisses Mini Pigs
Specialty Formulated Mini Pig Food

Veterinarian Approved. Professionally developed by an Animal Nutritionist to ensure a complete and balanced diet specific to mini pig nutritional needs. Custom made for good health, longevity, and disposition. All ingredients are NATURAL and NON-GMO. Our food is opposite of commercial pig food which is meant to speed the growth of the animal. The goal is to help our mini pigs live long, healthy, happy lives at the weight their body is meant to be.

"When our other supplier shut down her pig food business me and some other minipig owners in Manitoba didn't know what to do; we tried switching to mazuri, but not only was there a huge production delay with that but when the food finally arrived, it made both our pigs sick!! Since getting your food last week we're so relieved to know they're healthy and eating a good healthy diet again. And thanks for the fast shipping and adorable packaging! You have customers in us as long as you continue to manufacture the food!!"


Erin & Colten / Cohoe & Pickles

Hogs & Kisses Mini Pigs
Custom Mini Pig Harness & Leash

This harness was designed by Hogs and Kisses with piggy body shape in mind. They are easy to put on and have only one clip to do up. The harness is made out of heavy-duty webbing and leather. We use a simple figure-eight design where the webbing crosses through a custom made leather patch. You can also choose your own style of patch. Our choices include Piggy, Bow Tie, Butterfly, Flower and much more. All harnesses are handmade, hand-stitched, comfortable, strong, and adjustable.


Harness Sizes:

Small - Up to 40"

Medium - 40" to 60"

Large - 60" and Up

Please Contact for Custom Sizes

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