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As of January 2024, Adoption Applications are Currently Closed.

 We are still available for any piggie-related needs and our farm is still open for visitation -contact us to book!  

         We thank you for your interest in purchasing a

mini pet pig from Hogs and Kisses!

Cost is $1400.00 per piglet. This includes:

  • Spay/ Neuter (Certificate Included)

  • Microchipping

  • Full Vet Check

  • First 2 Rounds of De-Worming Treatments

  • Birth Certificate

  • Care Package: Custom Made Harness, Blanket, & Pig Toy

  • A Starter Bag of Hogs & Kisses Mini Pigs Food Pellets

  • A '1 Year Health Guarantee'

  • A Lifetime of Support from Hogs and Kisses Mini Pigs

The 6 Steps to Adoption


Make sure a Mini Pet Pig is the right pet for you!

Thoroughly read through our website and that of AMPA to become more aware of the needs of a pet mini pig.



All municipalities have different by-laws!

Not all municipalities permit ownership of mini pigs as household pets. If you find out they are not permitted in your municipality there are ways you can apply to ask for an amendment.

H&K Piglets in a Row_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
H&K Piglets in a Row_edited_edited.png

We ask that you take the time to fill out our pet piglet adoption application with as much detail as possible. We like to do our research as well to ensure our piglets find the best possible home.

Once submitted, we will be in touch within a day to arrange for you to visit us (if logistically possible) to meet one on one in person. This way you can see our mini pig parents, meet the piglets, and ask any questions you may have.

Please Note: Virtual meetings can be arranged alternatively


Place your $200 non-refundable deposit today to secure your spot on our wait list.

The selection of mini piglets will be made in the order of deposits taken. The balance will be due when the mini piglet is 7 weeks old.

Please Note: All Payment are Final. No Refunds Issued.

           We understand that the cost may be higher than other pets, but a lot goes into breeding mini pigs. We spend a lot of time socializing and training all of our babies. Adopting from Hogs and Kisses will ensure that you receive a mini piglet that is sweet, loving and well socialized.

Mini Pigs may seem like an expensive pet to invest in, but they are a pet that you will have for a long time. They are very inexpensive to feed. Our Hogs and Kisses Mini Pig Food is inexpensive and can be ordered online. They also love snacking on fruits and veggies and even graze on grass. Mini Pigs rarely suffer from health issues, keeping vet bills low. So although the initial investment may be a bit more, you can rest assured the lifetime costs are typically minimal.

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We keep our Instagram & Facebook Page up-to-date,                   

so follow us to see updates of your little one!                      


Hogs and Kisses will care for your mini piglet and prepare them for their new home. This will include having your mini piglet spayed or neutered, dewormed, litter box trained, and socialized. We will send you updated pictures of the mini piglets as they grow and you can choose your piglet based on the picture. Mini Piglets are not available to be chosen until they are 2-3 weeks old.  This allows us time to see how they're growing and assure good health. Mini Piglets will be ready for their new homes at approximately 8 weeks old, however, if we feel the piglet is not ready to leave our care at that age, we reserve the right to keep a piglet longer

Please Note: We cannot guarantee a mini piglet's size, color or eye color. The very best we can do is estimate what the likely factors will be depending on parents.

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There are 3 ways to Welcome your Piglet Home:

1. Arrange Pick Up

2. Arrange for Local Delivery

($0.80/km - up to 250km)

3. Arrange for Delivery via Air Canada or WestJet

($350 approx to ship within Canada, fees subject to change)

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